Reviews for "Shamaniac"

I completed the three green holes puzzle and i still can't finish the "simon says" puzzle. I got to about 18 and it still didnt release anything. Also, what do i do with the fishermans string that flew into the tree??

I can't move the lever on the blue dome that rises out of the water. Also, I can get the branches into the right position but the third small middle piece never engages, it just passed over the area it's supposed to fit into. When I come back later, the branches are covered in moss and the light isn't glowing anymore.
Fully updated Google Chrome and Windows 7 FYI.

The game has nice graphics and nice music. There were some problems with the puzzles I ran into, though:
1. I can't pull the lever on the blue island thing.
2. There seemed to be a 4th part to the branches I couldn't find.
3. After reloading the game, I couldn't move the branches anymore (they seemed to be overgrown with grass, algae or whatever).
4. I somehow got the "Your Revelations!" achievement by just clicking the stars.

There were also some mistakes in the text, achievements etc., for example: "Clic" instead of "Click" or "controled" instead of "controlled".

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks for your feedbacks!
Yes the lever is a probleme that happens sometimes and we didn't identified the reasons why yet...
For the branche you need to put the little thing so it can rotate.
Thanks for all your feedbacks it helps :) and sorry that you had those issues.

I really enjoy this game, very well thought out and executed

just like other payers though i have issues with this "simon says alike" game...reached 28 times...how much longer does it take? Or is there a different way to solve it..? I got fairly frustrated and abandoned the game to be honest...

Everything else i found really cool to play!

congrats and thanks

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi! And Thanks.
Yes some players have problem with this part. Normally you just have to repeat 5 times and it's OK. Don't you have seen a ball on the top when you have repeat 5 times ? Normally the lever will disapear.
Or perhaps are you blocked on the first puzzle, with the 3 green circles ? In this case you must find the code in the tree box.

someone please tell me what to do with the giant blue thing at the bottom left corner once you raise it out of the water, last piece, can't figure it out

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Clic on the lever, then it's a simon game like ;-)