Reviews for "Shamaniac"

This is such a good game, the music is amazing and the puzzle design is solid. There are some issues with loading a game, as the puzzles seem to reset in a strange manner. Sadly I could not yet finished because I'm either too dumb for the caterpillar or it is bugged, as it only walks to half the length of the second floor before turning without hitting anything. I can't activate the lift either, but the cursor highlights on the bottom right corner of the "maze" (clicking does nothing though).
Keep up the good work and maybe even add some more levels to this game as it is truly beautiful.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi Spastard! and Thanks :-)
You ain't no dumb! ;-) Sorry, there was a bug with the caterpillar. It's fixed now.
Thanks for your feedbacks :-)

This game is stunning! The puzzles are challenging, but not ridiculously so, and the art is all wonderful. The idea for the prophecy and the magic eyeball were both really intuitive, and as somebody who uses construct3 myself it was really fun to see those elements in action and wonder how you got them to work. Very well done!
The one criticism I have is in the technical aspect, although this wouldn't have bothered me if I hadn't needed to momentarily shut down my computer and then restart it to continue my game. The save states/JSON don't seem to have been programmed correctly, because when I sat back down to play again, some events which I hadn't unlocked yet were available and some puzzles which I had already finished had been reset. The only explanation for this I can think of is either that you may have accidentally programmed the save states to happen in a linear progression, as in each event is saved in the order they were programmed to happen chronologically instead of when they are triggered, or that this was just some sort of one off bug. Either way, it's something to look out for in the future.
Otherwise, everything about this game is incredibly well made and I have no major complaints. Great job! I can definitely agree that you guys deserved that Construct3 subscription. Keep up the good work!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks Scorchle :-)
Yes the save states/JSON were only on some achievments (like : burn a leaf or put a bark, or find a spirit). But it's fixed. The game is saved at any time now :-)
Your feedbacks were helpful ! :-)

The music is nice, the characters are drawn well, and there is a lot of things to interact with. I like this game. But the one thing I'm having trouble with is getting that water spirit. I assume it has something to do with that bird fisherman, the string, and the fruit; but I can't seem to get them to work together.

Can you give me some clues?

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi & thank you for your feedback KamenRiderStick!
Just attach the string on the branche with the 5 musical pearls.
Put the fruit (the one on the top of the tree) on the string extremity....
...then you'll find out ;)

ok i have no ideal how to solve it. got an empty put, 4 spiritsa. and huge frustration.
could eased on hints.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the frustration (it wasn't meant to be like that I promess ^^')
We added more tips if you ring the bell and globally tried tomake the game easier a bit.
(if you scroll onthe first page of comments I answered a textual walkthrough ;))

I admit this was really weird. I asked the magic eye ball five questions and no medal showed up. I even asked why that was! He said it was something about my mom. I just wish this was more comprehensible, but you know what? This is still a gorgeous game.

Everything just looks so unique. It's easy to see why it got front paged. If nothing, I can just appreciate how beautiful. Even the characters seem as confused as I am. That makes them more relatable.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi & thank you for your feedback :) Yes the magicEyedBall can give stranges answers ;)
Medals do unlock but not in the regular way after some refresh you miht see it unlocked!