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CrounchyBrothers responds:

I found a textual walkthrough on an other place where the game is shared (thank you EscaperPaper :))
Soooo SPOILER ................................................................ :

In no particular order:

Green: chase and click the little green flashes around the tree. when you get 6 in a row the sprite appears

Blue: drag cloud shapes to fit the dark shadow top right sky. click click click until the windhorse collapses into a sprite

Phul: distract sleeping fishing bird by tugging his bobber until he throws fishing rod away.
attach hook and then string (from tree behind fisher bird) to branch with bells at left.
attach blue fruit from top of tree to string.
tickle fish uvula until his head explodes.

Will-o-Wisp: put red leaves in the fire. find two in the tree and one flying in air first.
lift rock at bottom right to let inchworm out. click the stone with symbol to elevate inchworm. click on dirt wall to open it inside the hill. click on beast to hold jaws closed until inchworm crawls on to snout. release to send him to next level where he crawls into basket.
find the fishing reel behind bird fisher and use it to fix the lift and raise the inchworm. take leaf from house.
feed blue flowers to window monster for last leaf

Sun: find 2/5 bark pieces on the tree. complete tree puzzle top left by moving two semicircles together to make keyhole/globe. drag the tiny steam dot from center of top trunk to arm joint. move globe up and fit key in for another piece.
Clue from cave bottom left for bells(different for every game) gets another piece.
open square tree door. turn button design until numbers appear; note order of button pushes(different for every game).
collect three fuzzy balls, place on island. use button clue to raise island. tap tap tap just above and right of screws until grab hand appears, drag last piece out to tree puzzle.

place each sprite in the holes around gooneyman

Enjoy your prophecy!

Wonderful art and chalenging puzzles! What can I say... this game is a jewel!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi SunsetFoutain :) Thank you so much for this warm comment!

This is a beautiful and creative game (especially for it was made with Construct..!). The puzzles are simple, and I like the observation aspects. I found it overall relaxing. The style reminds me of franchises such as Rayman or Picmin.

A few remarks :
- Some elements (stars, butterflies, bubbles) react to clicks, but don't seem to have any function within the puzzles or objectives. This can be misleading. If these elements do help towards completing a secret objective, some indication of this should be somewhere.
- Some elements (the fisher, the pumpkin house) have no function despite holding other objects. Thinking they may have further utility, I tried to interact several times with them, in vain. Maybe that elements that are no longer useful should disappear altogether ?
- Some sounds are way too loud and can distract from the music, or be unpleasant. (I'm thinking especially about the "lil'bush"...). The music tend to change abrubtly between some places and different camera dezooms, which broke immersion and confused me.
- After returning to the game, the object on the bottom left (with the three blue buttons) seems to have acquired new functionalities... This object hasn't been useful in my first playthrough, and I still can't seem to how it comes into play.

I may be missing a lot of hidden content here.

These are really small downsides, that have little impact on an overall wonderful short experience :)

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi & thank you for your feedbacks :)
Remarks are useful to us ;)

I love this game

CrounchyBrothers responds:

<3 THANKS! <3 <(^.^)>

Cute. Very reminiscent of Samorost. I'm not sure if it was just the general lagginess, or whether some of the timing in simply off but it became an exercise in frustration. First time around I think I lost one the 'significant' clouds off the top of the screen.

I never did get the final two bark pieces and therefore the final assistant. Either the game is too buggy, or the triggers were too subtle for me. For example, I never did get the lever on the left, raised, island to work (no worms for me). Nor did I find the second pin for the dislocated branch (at least I think there is a second pin).

The zooming and panning is very imprecise. The triggering of some effects is unpredictable. In general I found the usage very fuzzy.

why are these canvas based games such CPU hogs? It basically constantly maxes out one core on my CPU. Even a static screen (like the help screen - which, btw, I couldn't find a way to leave) sits on max CPU. Basically it is horribly laggy. Thankfully, if you switch tabs it does relax the CPU.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi & thanks for your feedback!
Sorry that you encountered so many issues and thanks for reporting it.
Most of the things you noticed are fixed now ;)