Reviews for "Shamaniac"

Puzzles are not so interesting to me nowadays. But this was fun for a while till I got bored. But I still have to say. Damn this game is just beautiful and the soundtrack to this game just made me sleepy! It's beautiful and calm to listen to! But damn I almost fell asleep. One point why I got bored cause I just wanted to sleep. But still a great job on everything on this! The puzzles were really great that I managed to pass when I was into it and it was fun to solve them. Not your original puzzles which makes them pretty original and special! Good job!

Hi there! I like your Game! The grafics are, what I like the most. It has a very calm and refreshing style to it. You would get 5 Stars from me if your game would also completely function on other browsers like firefox. I got stuck on the branches, because they where solved at the start and did not return a piece of bark. And because Construct 3 uses Chrome as a foundation to programm I played your game with Chrome and it worked just fine. Next time test it on other browsers as well ;)

Good job either way!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi BeARToys!
Oh but we do test the game in different browsers ;)
I had nothing on firefox... The issue you are reporting doesn't depend of the browser but something else... I thought we did fixed that one. Thanks for reporting it ;)

Pretty fun game, and quality is amazing.

But, uhh, at the end... the assistant told me that my vision serves the devil. What the hell is that about? Haha, kind of creepy.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi PsychoFlair! Thanks for your feedback :) Ok let's consider the devil as a bug we will replace it by something else in a new version ;)

My only problem is that scrolling isn't disabled when zooming. I have a touchpad if that's the reason.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi memeuniversity!

We updated the game. Now a laptop with no mouse can do it with touchpad:
- HOLD SPACE to scroll in directions
- press the keys arrows UP to zoom IN & DOWN to zoom OUT.

Unfortunately I cannot move forward in the game because some things are either stuck or glitched. Even if I do a reset, some puzzles return to a solved position, such as the branches you must move on the top and the lever (it doesn't move) you must pull after solving the 3 blue balls puzzle and the big lake fish isn't clickable either. Sometimes even the assistants don't show up after solving the puzzles, such as the cloud one and even the burning leaves.
I'm still giving it a full 5 stars because the game is just visually beautiful and the puzzles are very entertaining and not really hard.
Im hoping to play it again soon to the end to get my prophecy.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hi killants!

Thanks for your feedback! Now we updated the game and I think you will be able to complete your prophecy ;) (the lever issue is now fixed).