Reviews for "Shamaniac"

How to unlock "I know the trick!" medal ?

CrounchyBrothers responds:

After finishing the game you'll find animated gears under the cloud on the left down side of the title screen. Just clic put your fake question & answer. Then go to the magik eyed abll and ask your fake question.

great game just wish it would tell me how to fake the magic eye

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks :) On the title screen just look on the down left corner, you'll see some rolling gears -> just click ;)

well, it certainly is a very pretty game, although that very same prettiness makes it tend to drag a bit. yes, i was expecting that would happen, as well as i was expecting the dialogue to be a bit hokey: not sure i wanna "keep going on that rope on fire" or heed the shaman's assistant's advice and use my "vision seduce an angel", but it was still a pleasant enough experience. and the music endearing enough to lull me to sleep should i desire to play for long enough.

i was going to say that not everybody has a three-button mouse, although you seem to have accounted for that with the keyboard helping controls: not that the spacebar ever seemed to do much good, but the up and down arrows did compensate for my lack of mobility... somewhat. it is still very rough and difficult to control.

on the bright side, i can happily report that the game works perfectly well in Opera (not Opera Mini, obviously). it well should, anyway, since it won't on IE, etc. that reminds me, it sure sounds like the shaman says, "dammit" a lot (probably more like "gammit"). i know i'm just hearing that one line a certain way, but kinda made the experience a little more amusing as well, if likely unintentional. thanks for the puzzles.

(and ftr, yes, blue is one of my colours. my mama gave me these blues. lol)

I absolutely loved this game. It's very relaxing to play and the puzzles are engaging and very interesting! This game is just overflowing with creativity and I'm glad I found it.

The game's artstyle is awesome! I'm not really a fan of point and click puzzles, but this game just is so aesthetically interesting, i just started to play and then suddenly understood that I've spent half an hour playing.
Great job! Well done!