Reviews for "Cave Collector"

I like how there's always something that you can upgrade in throughout the game. It's like building your own little empire.
The main thing I wish there was, though, was an option to speed up the game. It takes a long time waiting for things to start happening, and then when you die and have to start all over, you have to wait all over again.
I also wish there was a save button (which branches off of what I just said) so that you could go back a certain point in the game instead of having to restart the whole thing. Otherwise, it makes it rather frustrating to replay the whole thing.

Besides these two things, I really liked the game.

Great game even though it looks like a similar game

I enjoyed the game. I agree that almost the entire idea is based on another game, but there are enough differences to make it unique in gameplay. The graphics really make it difficult to enjoy a lot, but I love the idea of the balloons. I also wish there were some sort of "bad guy counter" so you know when the wave will be over as well as some way to know how many guys you have/how quickly they spawn/ways to make them spawn faster with gold or something. Overall, fun game! Also, I enjoy the music quite a bit :)

isn't bad the concept, i think there isn't many like this, but is very slow the start, and a little frustrating the system because it's difficult going to one hundred gold

its is unfer whit the ligthin kill only your men an not the mosters