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Reviews for "Boobs Saga 3d Teaser"

Eh, why not....

Boobs, action, shitty loot... what more can you possibly ask for. :P Do like how this seems to be parodying pretty much everything from a regular game while managing to make a pretty appealing spin-off at the same time... seems like fun!


I have no Idea what I just watched you have officially ninjaed my brain sir, but I'm going to give my honest review of it . First The 3d animation is amazing on point with some AAA games out there ( the models and animation really reminded me of Elder scrolls Skyrim they just look similar to me). Second the narrator had me smiling the whole time so you get points for good humor just the outrageous way he sounds fits well with the crazy things happening in the animation. Thirdly it got me interested to see what the game is like an erotic game(assuming its a game) where you create a girl to basically go dungeon crawling sounds interesting enough and If that was the point of the teaser then its done its job. so overall really good animation and a hilarious voice narrator enjoy your 5 stars from me buddy. Also might want to think about changing this to A though.

Before I go though I feel like I need to address why people are giving this a low score. First if you feel that this is way to inappropriate that's fine its your opinion and your entitled to it , but I feel like I need to explain what Newgrounds is, which is a community website where anyone can post and share things that they create and it has been that way since its creation. It is a website that allows all creations in without any bias or discrimination. Now does newgrounds have rules and limits on the type of stuff allowed yes, but overall that is really up to the community itself to decide what is acceptable or not and everyone's going to have their own opinions on that ( its the reason why voting is so important). Next if your going to look at something marked as mature or Adult please expect to see something that may not be suitable for all audiences and newgrounds even goes out of the way to hide the stuff marked as Adult from the front pages so people coming in don't initially see that stuff. Personally to me this animation is fine its not trying to harm anyone, now does it have a lot sexual content and Adult humor yes, but is that not why its marked as mature ( please change this to A again) and you are warned of this in the description of the video before you even watch it. Ok my silly rant is over again very well done animation keep up the good work.

OMG best game part two travilg a cursed apartment complex?:o

amazing 3d animation