Reviews for "One Piece Nami Whoreship pt.1"


Focking tease.
That and the weird nipples. Along with the oversized breasts.
Nami already had a huge rack, why did you turn her into a cow?!

BatouWH responds:

everyone has their own tastes

Just going to throw this out there, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this somewhere before. I was going to come in here and give you praise for being someone after my own heart, been working on One Piece hentai for years now, but this............. this is easily ripped off from the animated hentai video roaming the internet, there is no art here, not that i can see anyway from you at least, its just taking something that already exists and splitting it into separate clips and released upon us. I'm sorry to say this but unless you prove me wrong, this is stolen!

Good art, smooth animation.

It's so short though and goes nowhere.

Two stars, don't disappoint me again- you need to be twice as good as this, by the time you put half the effort into your next project. Maybe my two star rating will remind you of this fact, whenever you think back upon it.

BatouWH responds:

it seems users are very demanding. calling good art and smooth animation you put 2 points without waiting for the continuation. a little unclear.

Good designs and animation.