Reviews for "Idle Raiders: Second Run"

Very entertaining fantasy idle game with a dose of tactical pretension.

I really like it. I'm at raid 4 now. The game has a pretty slow start (it could use some interactivity and more/better tutorials in the first few hours), but over time it unlocks more and more new stuff and becomes pretty complex. It's neat that the characters actually walk around and fight, with the actual equipment on their character that you looted previously and using skills you gave them, and you can watch them do it, and it's not just done in a more scripted way like in most other idle games. The raids are hard but it's fun to see your raiders slowly getting better and chipping away at bosses.

I like this concept!

killed over 2300 on level ten and still no transparent sword drop. other then the drop rate for some items being questionable the game is fun and i like that i have the ability to change out the gear at anytime and chose the level i fight on.

pitforest responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some items are supposed to be really rare because they are really powerful, but numbers balancing is a constantly ongoing thing for us. How long did you farm for those 2300 kills? What number of drops do you think would be appropriate for that time?

i really enjoy the game, i love the magic options but u got stuck and thats frustating :( But, that u for the experience anyway