Reviews for "Yandere Stimulator: Thinking of Senpai"


Like Alexia said, the VA is pretty damn accurate.
Yan-chan is supposed to sound monotone and bored, for literally her personality concept is that she have no emotions prior to getting a crush on her senpai. Her voice in-game is AFTER she have met senpai for awhile already and is putting on a front to approach him.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to point out, reading the first few reviews, that I used a YouTube video of Yan-chan's voice as a reference and in the video she describes, in a monotone voice, that "For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to feel emotions". I can tell you I definitely was in to this recording and I enjoyed it very much but the lack of emotion is due to character description and reference, if this is not Yan-chan's true persona then I apologise for not voicing it correctly. The echoing voice over the moans are also Yan-chan's thoughts, not her actually speaking.

I'm sorry to read that some of you so far think it's awful, but I understand everyone's opinion differs! I hope that I at least got slightly close to Yan-chan's voice based on the reference I was given!

Much love,


I think the animation is done well, maybe adding a cum scene towards the end is great because i see a lot of loops with nothing really else to them and that gets old fast. the futa part doesnt bother me at all idk why people are so focused on it. like i think it adds comedy to the fact she's a yandere. outside of that, the voice acting was nice but i feel like the VA wasn't into it too much, like the emotion was there but it was kinda dull. maybe put something interactive to change the scene a bit for fun? Overall Great work dude would love to see a lot more in the future!

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