Reviews for "Stride Demo"

Finish... This... Game !!!

the animations are nothing too shaggy but this looks great!
The fighting mechanics work perfectly, the sound design is super duper cool (when I hear the chains in the prison it gave me the little chill)
The only downsight is... this is just a demo for a game which looks super cool!

That was so COOL! Controlling the character felt great! attacking felt pretty smooth but dodging felt a bit weird (I'm just not used to a hop sort of dodge, I'm used to a roll). The atmosphere was pretty good, and the voice of the priest was fitting to the tone the game was going for, in my opinion. The entire thing felt and sounded like a 2D Dark Souls, same with the character/ enemy designs. I love Dark Souls, so naturally I would love this demo. All in all, I can't wait to see more of this game and I hope developing it goes well. I also just played Grave Greed (Loved it, by the way), and you're definitely getting a follow from me, I'm ecstatic for the full game to be published!


I would love to see a full version of this! The atmosphere is quiet yet tense (the chains and weeping near the beginning added to the feeling of dread), the combat is interesting but not overly complex, and the sounds are spot on: The subtle clanking of the armor as you walk, the quiet swishing of the water that you wade through at the end. if only there was more!

ErikSwahn responds:

I am very glad you enjoy those details. It is fun making a game and bringing it to life. I am working on other projects right now, but I won't forget this one. I need time to complete them then we will see.