Reviews for "Snow Bunny Adventures Vol1"

Yeah this small context makes all the difference, thanks for listening my critique.
Now i know what's happening with stacey and how she got there.

AzrealFreeman responds:

it was good critique, and so I listened to it, and as such have made a better artistic production, so for that I thank you

Wow....Stacy knows Vanessa from Slut quest...Small world

Also great stories and hot sex scenes

Animation and art is a bit sloppy, it seems very 2 dimensional, it definitely wasn't my favorite of your games, and I feel like you could've done much better (comparing it to the other games), so I hope you take some more time with the next one.

AzrealFreeman responds:

sloppy how?

Sure the art is bad and the story isn't much, but for what it was I liked it.

It's not often that you get a competent female character that's both outgoing yet not afraid to be dominated; capable female protagonists are usually strong and dominant, shy and awkward, or straight up asexual/gay.

Sure other hentai stuff has sluts that like getting dominated; but they're always having sex with the old, the fat, the weak, or the lame; which makes me think that they're a little mentally damaged or just eccentric. This character on the other hand gets it on with guys that I would almost feel proud for her to successfully have sex with, if that makes any sense.

AzrealFreeman responds:

thank you, I think

Please improve your art

AzrealFreeman responds:

That review is unhelpful. But you tried I guess so thanks