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Reviews for "Madam Mim's Bet"

4.5 stars not not 5 its good but i will give you 5 but not now and graphics are very good music is peace full story is fun and she is not a good waifu but a great bad-ass and what was your inspiration for that character ? its brilliant but not on the level of my expectations and i have played luigi's one punch also
again good enough better then most of the games out there and how the hell you are that good at what you do ?

PoliuxDimension responds:

I'm simply trying to practice recreate the personality of the original Disney character from that old movie(I wrote that in the author comment), in the movie she is crazy & evil, but that's exactly why she is sexy. She is an old hag in the movie most of the time, but she can turn young by magic( but she rather not, guess because she likes to be ugly), I don't want to draw old hag, that's why she is young all the time in this game, but still an evil villain.

I'm just a beginner game developer, still try to learn all kind of techniques, but thanks for the compliment, the second question is really complicated, it would be a long story...but if there are more people curious about that, I guess I can write it in a blog or somewhere else... Anyway, thank you guys for playing my game. It encourages me to keep create more games .

Nice, simple game. I like your take on the concept. I like the art style (Maybe their necks/heads are little bit long/small tho). Music is nice as well. The kind of music I can just forget about and immerse myself in something and the second I take my head phones off it feels empty . . .

Anyway, I like what you did here and keep ooon . . . keepin' on. I got the bad boy medal too. Admittedly, by mistake. Refresh . . . yeah. The game resets when you refresh and the code is randomly generated. Only hint I'm gonna give. It'll take me forever to get master cast and perfect cast. 53k with a 79 chain though. I blame network interference for my short comings. Oh well, have a great day.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you, actually 79 is pretty high. If you refer the necks/heads problem to madam Mim, I was trying to imitate the body ratio of that character in the Disney movie while trying to use my own drawing style. I'll do some research on that problem, thanks.

Good game. :D

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you.

over all fairly easy but still very fun easy-hard modes are a cake walk the only time ive failed was getting the medal for it the real challenge and fun part of the game is the arcade mode i would like it if the code you get after reaching 10k points in arcade had unlocked an expert mode or something of the sorts the reward is worth it if you are in it for the endings.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Yeah, a lot of people mentioned or asked this earlier, there was a long story behind the scene, in short....
1.This game was originally an adult game
2.The game structure was not the way it looks like now, I changed it while in development.

You can find detail in earlier reviews and replies if you really want to know why.

This was actually very fun even though it was pretty simple. The artwork and animation was done very well. Also I find it kind of funny that the only 'safe' option for Merlin and Arthur is the one where they lose, (not counting the secret code). If he was smart he would have bet that the Witch actually likes them if they won lol. Hope to see more great things from you in the future!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Great, glad you find out my intention. I have a feeling that a lot of time losing a game is just winning another game, and winning a game wouldn't necessarily mean you win everything.

And all the bet options is created to make players have some expectation illusion, so I can play some plot twist later. If Arthur is evil, he can just say "I wish she takes any order I command" then take full control of her, but that would be too nasty, and too hentai.