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Reviews for "Madam Mim's Bet"

WTF is the code even for???? AND WHERE TO INPUT IT?!?! Secret Femdom game is lame and mislabeled.

interesting idea, but without any colour variation and little figure variation (almost makes it feel somewhere between a Find the Differences game and a matching game), my eyes have a hard time making out the differences. i can't keep up with this game. my eyes aren't good enough.

the story is kinda funny, if a bit pervy. unfortunately, there's no way i can do much of any good at this game, so i'm deleting was little amount of crappy medals i've gotten. not everybody who comes here has 20/20, perfect colour vision. i wouldn't even do a good job of playing this if i was in my prime. at this point in my life, i'm not even gonna try.

PoliuxDimension responds:

If you don't have a healthy eyesight, me neither, I have serious myopia, and had surgery in my left eye, still I play this game without any problem, so does the other about 1000 players who have proofed they passed the game in the medals statistics.