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Reviews for "Madam Mim's Bet"

Merlin does not give 4 options that is a bad hint i mean i see there is a clickable option but it never says what his 4 choices are i feel like i gave 5 stars for bad hint please tell me secret code so i can get on beating the 4 difficulties its last one i need!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Maybe you are right, for first time player, they might think 4th choice is important, but for developer, 4th choice is actually just a small Easter egg, the game is complete itself without the hidden choice.

It surprised me that so many people are asking about the "secret", this could be a solid proof of how human mind work. Thanks.

Why does your English stink? Good game though.

PoliuxDimension responds:

I am not from English speaking country, from where I live, no one speaks English, I learned English myself on Internet. I also find there are other amazing creators from where I live are on front page, they use website translation but I don't. Sorry if my English is not very good, I'm still working on that also.

This was a cute game. I knew going full well into this that there wouldn't be hentai- I know what an M rating implies- and I think it was better off not being so. Excessive sexual content draws people in, but also keeps people at a distance.

All things considered, the game was fun, and the difficulties/outcomes add further entertainment. I'm not sure if it's what the game designer was going for, but the differences between difficulty were negligible. I had to be on my toes with each increase in difficulty, but not much more, and I felt I could've beaten an "extra hard" mode with relative ease.

All in all, I'd like to see a more polished version of this in the future. More options, greater difficulty, and greater rewards (whatever they are) for beating the game at said higher difficulty.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Hi, I'm the designer of this game. Thank you for your opinion, so I can collect some feedback data from the players. The difficulty of a game is always subjective, Some think its hard, the others don't. Maybe I'll try to increase the variety between different difficulties of a game.

The difference of the 3 difficulties of this game is the amount of of value you need to fill up the bar, and circle will change position one time on normal mode, two times on hard mode.

yeet 2nd on leaderboard

decent game overall

PoliuxDimension responds:

I was confused and looking for your name on the board until I realized you meant leader board of today. Anyway, thank you for playing my game and the review.

It would have helped a lot if during the explanation the symbols had been shows in the tetris-block pattern of the WASD keys, rather then in random order. That really eases people into their first try a bit more. Fun little rhythm game overall.

PoliuxDimension responds:

There was a chart in the tutorial with all the circles with their related input key, don't know if you saw that.