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Reviews for "Madam Mim's Bet"

Your text size is broken. Also make an adult version next time

PoliuxDimension responds:

Can you tell me which text, or is it all texts are broken, If anyone else also meets that problem, please tell me which text line is broken, so I can try to fix it. (It could cause from your computer doesn't have the specific font so it tries to use other font and changed size)

This game was originally designed as an adult game, but due to some law and respect IP issue, I changed my mind. Glad to see you want an adult version, I will try to do that in my next game, thank you for report.

The game is rough on the edges and a bit simplistic but it is no doubt, very fun to play once you get into it.

-Addictive game play
-Fun parody of the Disney classic, 'Sword in the stone'
-Easy to play and a tutorial(Extra brownie points!)

-The title page where the game title should be is cut off
-messages are cut off in some parts of game
-voice acting a bit below par but it does give it its' charm

Due to the first 2 cons, makes the game feel a bit tacky.

Music is decent, and good use of audio cues and the art is so so but this gives the game it's charm.

One improvement after fully playing it? Possibly have a skip intro scene and jump right into the story. You have skip tutorial so you could do one for skip intro.

One last thing, how the heck you get 'Bad boy' achievement?

Overall, a positive 8/10. Good Job!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you for this review and report the text problem, so your are the second one report this.

The text problem is a pain, it's hard for me to see how it would looked like on some of the other computer that doesn't contain that font and the text just broken, I will try to change all the text in the game to "embedded font" later today, and see how that works, if it works, I will just use that for all my future game.

The appearance of the original text should look exactly like what I shown in my YouTube video though.

I did think about adding a skip in the beginning, the reason I ended up not doing that is because player is able to skip each dialogue very fast by keep clicking. But if you think that is still not fast enough, yeah, I guess I can try to add one.

Bad Boy medal involves trying to guess the secret code, you are a bad boy if you try to hack the password...it's just an Easter egg and a trap.

cool game please update and add more features is this all?

PoliuxDimension responds:

That might sound like a good suggestion from the player's point of view.

Since everything takes time, so from developer's point of view, it's more like asking should I focus on developing my next game or stop and went back to Madam Mim's Bet and add more feature. Either way sacrifice the opportunity and time to do the other. So even if the answer is yes, it will have to wait until future or it would base on the sacrifice of the development of my next game.

But anyway, good to hear that you want more features, that's good news for me. Btw, are you using Michael Rosen's meme as your profile picture, that is one of my favorite meme on Internet, that's funny.

I'm terrible at rythm games, but I beat this on all difficulties in about 30 mins cuz I wanted to see all the endings. Also, I couldn't figure out how to get bad boy arthur. I had lots of fun wanting to tear my hair out.

So everything about it is right, just couldn't figure out how to get bad boy arthur.

PoliuxDimension responds:

This game has been around here for a while, guess it's fine to tell you how to do it. Input wrong secret code more than 3 times will unlock this medals, so you complete this game in about 30 mins, this data could be useful for further research.

tiny lil game

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you.