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Reviews for "Madam Mim's Bet"

You can laugh a bit with the story, nice.
But that stupid b*tch didn't accomplished her part of the deal. Grrrr.

PoliuxDimension responds:

She actually accomplished each deal in each end, in a cunning and tricky way.

It's pretty good! Love the music, it's what made me come back and write a review. It's almost a perfect minigame, one you could see in any sort of

By the way, a good way to have AZERTY keyboard functionality is to simply either have the character map their own bindings (I'd imagine you hard-mapped to avoid making the game easier for players/save yourself some work) or simply to have an AZERTY option. Not for me, but for those complaining in the reviews below

PoliuxDimension responds:

Oh, yeah, I guess majority of games I've played doesn't mention that because they can set up custom key, that's why I never know what AZERTY is.

Thank you for the hint man, since my next game is probably going to be a platform game, I guess it is better to have custom key option to save some people's trouble.

This was a cute game. I knew going full well into this that there wouldn't be hentai- I know what an M rating implies- and I think it was better off not being so. Excessive sexual content draws people in, but also keeps people at a distance.

All things considered, the game was fun, and the difficulties/outcomes add further entertainment. I'm not sure if it's what the game designer was going for, but the differences between difficulty were negligible. I had to be on my toes with each increase in difficulty, but not much more, and I felt I could've beaten an "extra hard" mode with relative ease.

All in all, I'd like to see a more polished version of this in the future. More options, greater difficulty, and greater rewards (whatever they are) for beating the game at said higher difficulty.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Hi, I'm the designer of this game. Thank you for your opinion, so I can collect some feedback data from the players. The difficulty of a game is always subjective, Some think its hard, the others don't. Maybe I'll try to increase the variety between different difficulties of a game.

The difference of the 3 difficulties of this game is the amount of of value you need to fill up the bar, and circle will change position one time on normal mode, two times on hard mode.

pls add a mute button. all games need mute buttons. thx.

PoliuxDimension responds:

OK, but I never try that before, I gotta do some research and test. I'll keep this advice in my list, thank you.

Why the hell...
I tought there would be hentai >:(
But this is pretty good.
I like it.
The Animations are good and realistic. If i say so myself they look flawless.
Simple and good.
Kinda easy but you can't win at the first try.
Still don't know how to get the secret code.
Arcade mode is normal. I didn't tested it yet but i will be sure i'll get a high score.
Keep doing animations like this and you're going to have a future.
(Also try making an hardcore mode with 8 circles. It would be hard as hell but i'll be sure to make it.(( Don't add hentai like i said or this game will go to a mature rate to an adult rate. ))
Thank you and good bye.

PoliuxDimension responds:

I might not allowed to post explicit adult content directly on public web page due to the law from where I live( I still need to consult a professional lawyer, last one I found didn't give me a positive answer), but under a restrictive condition, I can still do that indirectly legally.

Thank you for the compliment, I think my animation still have a huge space to grow and get better.

I don't think I should abruptly change the game content, so most of the improvement will be adopted in future games. The 8 circles...welp...How about I make my future game optionally more challenging, or maybe bring this system back with harder setting in one of the future game.