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Reviews for "Zombies!"

Hey, not bad! I would appreciate some things like static items sitting around just for aesthetic purposes, or maybe a way to level up or a ammo system, and maybe the zombies get stronger and faster as time passes! TIME FOR GAME REVIEW MODE! You will be rated on 5 categories, game-play, uniqueness, fun, graphics, and, Functionality. I will explain my reasoning on what I vote.

Gameplay: 4.5/5 Hey, the gameplay could be a LITTLE better, but as far as a beginning developer goes, not bad at all!
Uniqueness: 3/5 I have seen games similar to this, but you could add a few tweaks to bump it up to a 5 star!
Fun: 4.9/5 This game keeps me playing for a while! after some time passes, it just gets old, but, still, not bad!
Graphics: 5/5 as a beginner, I dont expect the graphics to be realistic, but hey, not bad at all! The black gradient at the edge of the arena is quite nice! I like how not all zombies look the same!
Functionality: 5.5/5 I have experienced no bugs or glitches whatsoever! It might have just been luck, or you did a crap ton of bug fixing! overall you got,
22.9/25. Thats the highest score ive ever given! Good job man!

Wazk responds:

Thanks, Man, I did a LOOOOOT of bug fixing but my friend found 1 bug I was not aware of ill fix it soon. btw im remaking the game for Xbox and adding health items, gun upgrades, and levels.

TL/DR: Polish is great. Please explain controls and goal.

Can't get much more mini-game than this. I'd treat it as a practice gamedev exercise, rather than judge it on how much fun it is.

I appreciate the random appearances of the zombies, the fade to dark along the edges of the play area, and the gun firing animation. These things could all have been left out and the game would play the same but thanks to this small amount of polish, I stayed long enough to write a review. I hope this attention to detail continues for any future game-making attempts.

Please take 60 seconds and write a small text explanation for how to control the game and what the goal is. Even for a game this small, players need this basic information or they will think it's not worth their time to figure out or will think the game is bugged when common actions like clicking, wasd keys, and arrow keys do not do anything.


Wazk responds:

Thanks, I try to strive for smoothness and polish and ill keep the controls thing in mind