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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

This is a fantastic piece of work!

I see you used the new-version look. Very nice!

Cutey Honey is a pop-culture sensation to anyone who is a fan of Japanese super-heroes.

And Honey is one beauty with a blade!

Really nice

It's great to start a new year with one of your great draw Sab!
This is really lovely, I like the curves, the details and the costume... this is sexy in some way!
Another great work, hope to see more from you.....have a great 2010!

Yum yum...

...and that was my daily arousal, thank you. No, jk :P
Seriously, no one draws women like you do. Always proportioned in a nice, yet realistic way. Your shading is expert. And, to be quite blatant about it, you're just damn good at making sexy chicks. Let's face it, you just make newgrounds a happier place. Thanks for this and keep it up!

=^.^= Wonderful! -applauding- 2 thumbs UP! =^.^=

i RLLY lyk it!
lol, since i lyk Dance Dance Revolution so much, i jus realized she looks lyk she cud b 1 of the dancers, but much sexier!
O.O! gav me an idea, wat if they made a DDR wit sum of our fav anime characters! (that'd b awesome!) but, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! _m (<-- sideways thumb 4 a thumbs up) =^.^= meow =^.^= L8R!


Best i've seen with colors of pink

But how could y'all HONESTLY look at the lips when what she's wearing... is... Eah, forget it