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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

This is really sexy.

She's certainly very very cute! :3

Beautifulll warrior

Ive seen a few cutey honey things befor i watched that Anime and was suprised that i enjoyed it?? it was good for laughs and a a bit of story but apparently theres a whole franchise out there with comics ect.

I like the way this is shaded and the colours you chose to use but you lose onee point for nto enough pink haha :p


It was really great until I got stuck on the breasts, please stop shoving big tits in every picture of a girl, it's kinda stereotypical, I'm also confussled about the other parts of her body, her arms are thin, but strong, and her waist is this, but her thighs are big. HOWEVER, they do not, you know, "touch" eachother, when she stands like that?

Sabtastic responds:

lol well, i'm glad you're so concerned - but newgrounds is the place that I purposefully post all of my "big tits" artwork. That's what gets the most attention here, unfortunately, so that's what I post to get optimal views.

If you want to see other non-tit related artwork, go to my DeviantART.

Also: A lesson in female anatomy: women have wider hips than men.
Note, that the thighs don't touch either.

Sorry - not trying to be snippy about it. Just explaining.

I like it, but...

As has been previously mentioned, the lips kinda bother me, maybe if there was a little bit of teeth showing like she were biting down...Also her right (our left) thigh is freakishly thinner and narrow and unproportionate.

And while you were right in a previous post about thighs not touching, they should be closer as the one just almost looks like she lost a leg and would have a little stub if we could see lower

I like it, not trying to be a dick...just trying to leave some helpful critique :3

Very cute piece

And here was something with cuteness all over it with some adorable visual the silky pants with I think could have more shine on it maybe her too could have more shine on it as well you have a good character structure here and made it very adorable with all the right colors used and balanced out very well so with all that said nice art work as always and make more great pieces for us all to enjoy