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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

serloiously great render

Love the details paid to the reflections on the material. and its a really great pose

I never heard of Cutey Honey!

But i do now!
What I really like about this art piece and what makes it so special compared to your other works is how you made the light source reflect.
Which means that i really like the shadings.


This is epic.

-1 for the weird lips.

Sabtastic responds:

fair enough. lol


The design looks like a costume from __________ (Damn! I'm not allowed to promote outside websites! >.<)

Yep, I do in fact recall this character. I only saw the intro of the anime where her clothes are ripped off. It's not a hard thing to do of course. I guess I would give this the full score if I had more of a personal connection with her. She's still quite hot. The heart symbol theme is wonderful.

That's just an awesome design with her heart being a hole in her pants. At least there's not one on her cleavage. Oh wait, spoke too soon. This is a style quite unique from what I have seen of her. The face could be a tad better, though.