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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

Really nice

It's great to start a new year with one of your great draw Sab!
This is really lovely, I like the curves, the details and the costume... this is sexy in some way!
Another great work, hope to see more from you.....have a great 2010!


lolwut? xD
"hot as Fcuk"
9 year old excitement?

Anyways, awesome job as always :D
and watch out for the bitchy spitter, she got me once

Sabtastic..........you`r awesome.

You`re just dead f@#kin awesome. This is one of my favourite pieces of art that youv made. I dunno who she is but she looks like a character from Street fighter to me.


Two words HOLY CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!

Dammit, it's Honey!

What else could I say?
I never seen it with this particular costume... But I suppose it's a recent version of HyperHoney I've haven't noticed yet.
I like the lips, particularly. She's playing the teaser! As if she doesn't tease us enough each time she transforms! Did you see? The nerve!

I liked the circle of hearts too... And the face heart mark (I suppose I have some ill fetish for My little Pony and Rainbow Brite...).

Thank you Jak for suggesting her this topic.
A great artwork.