Reviews for "Honey Flash"


well...the tits shoudve been bigger, the ginies more exposed..or better yet no clothes at all...yes... HAHA jk, NICE ART what did you use to make it look like paintbrushed (yeah i dont know a crud about computer made art and what not) and i dont normally think like that o.k.?? again beautiful work, clearly defines you're pro.


This is epic.

-1 for the weird lips.

Sabtastic responds:

fair enough. lol

a yo! fuk that guy below me

your the best on NG, and don't ever let anyone tell you any different!!!

btw this is sexy as hell!!!!

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks bud. <:3

Kawaru wa yo!!!

Love Cutie Honey and love this pic!!!

Also big fan of your artwork, I was a little upset to learn that you don't post all of it here, going on to say your non tits stuff doesn't get as many views. That's... a real shame that you think like that and stereotype the audience here in the process. :\ But like I said I'm still a fan of your artwork and I'd love to see more! I just don't think you should play to the crowd to garner more respect. Let's see it all!!

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, thanks man! c:
I'm flattered! Always nice to get some feedback from a reputable artist such as yourself. ;)

I'll start posting some of the other stuff from now on, just for the heck of it, and because you asked so nicely! :D


=^.^= Wonderful! -applauding- 2 thumbs UP! =^.^=

i RLLY lyk it!
lol, since i lyk Dance Dance Revolution so much, i jus realized she looks lyk she cud b 1 of the dancers, but much sexier!
O.O! gav me an idea, wat if they made a DDR wit sum of our fav anime characters! (that'd b awesome!) but, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! _m (<-- sideways thumb 4 a thumbs up) =^.^= meow =^.^= L8R!