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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

Beautifulll warrior

Ive seen a few cutey honey things befor i watched that Anime and was suprised that i enjoyed it?? it was good for laughs and a a bit of story but apparently theres a whole franchise out there with comics ect.

I like the way this is shaded and the colours you chose to use but you lose onee point for nto enough pink haha :p

I like the facial expression!

This drawing is very good! The shading and body shape are amazing, and I REALLY like the facial expression, which comes across more as sweet than just something to attract pervs D:

Someone below me mentioned something about funny looking lips, but I'd have to disagree. The lips do seem to be in an unusual position, but it isn't so exaggerated that you can't believe a person could physically make that face.

I can't draw girls very well, and I don't want to sound perverted for saying this, but I've been tracing over this character's outline to try and get the body shape right XD

My only suggestion would be a bit more detail in the texture of the hair, but I have nothing to complain about if you leave it the way it is. Great work here! :D


Damn right i'm gonna hit that


this so amazing better than proffesional

i like her

Hey, nice work :D
I like the shading and colors of that chick and you definitely made her a sexy body

hehe :D