Reviews for "Honey Flash"

Wonderful job, love the pose! Nice shades as well, it really all comes together for a sweet piece!

Holy Shit, you have no idea how long it's been since I've seen this chick. Hell this was the first anime I was ever introduced to, thank you for sharing your art work.

You do the lips interestngly, almost photorealistic


Really adorable drawing, also naughty for the fanboys :B
All I can say to help you improve is that the left leg's thing if it's meant to be leather it looks kinda wrong and needs a more... Glossy texture, either way, I love the drawing, and Cutey Honey is supposed to be an old anime right? I think I heard about it, never knew it had a sexy chick in it


The design looks like a costume from __________ (Damn! I'm not allowed to promote outside websites! >.<)