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Reviews for "Honey Flash"


you never cease to amaze me. :D

agree with shadman

right here comes the crit review... :D...

as always... lovely lines again... fantastic detail and great realistic proportions with a hint of anime poured over it... background is clean and fitting... i feel the writing *cutey honey* is hand done *as it most likey is... but it really needs to have smoother edges on it as it doesnt seem to fit in with the smoothness of the picture nor the background... you lose some of the linework *backlines* in the middle top of her chest heart... her elbows seem really odd... i dont know if its beacuse they are "scruffy" but some neatening up wouldnt hurt... lovely way of removing the hands :D... HER right leg seems alot thinner then her left leg.. love the lighting from behind shading on her legs and the realistic shine on her costume... one thing bothers me... the lower heart doesnt join up in the same place as the other side... and seems to stand out alot as it doesnt quite fit in with the rest of her costume... apart from a few issues... i couldnt really find anything else wrong with it... its lovely... :D

How kind of you!

Amazing in every way! Gotta love it ^^


fucking amazing love the detail.


Great shading and details!