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Reviews for "Honey Flash"

Nice work m8

Very cute piece

And here was something with cuteness all over it with some adorable visual the silky pants with I think could have more shine on it maybe her too could have more shine on it as well you have a good character structure here and made it very adorable with all the right colors used and balanced out very well so with all that said nice art work as always and make more great pieces for us all to enjoy


Go Nagai for the win!

Yep, I do in fact recall this character. I only saw the intro of the anime where her clothes are ripped off. It's not a hard thing to do of course. I guess I would give this the full score if I had more of a personal connection with her. She's still quite hot. The heart symbol theme is wonderful.

That's just an awesome design with her heart being a hole in her pants. At least there's not one on her cleavage. Oh wait, spoke too soon. This is a style quite unique from what I have seen of her. The face could be a tad better, though.

After this you should really get into Kill La Kill.
Unless you already have.

(goes to check Sab's DeviantArt)

There goes my Sunday...