Reviews for "TD-Mac n Me"

Lil too much peenus in this one, but otherwise, great as usual.

Your style of animation is very easy on the eyes and kind of cute, the story was well scripted and clear, and your quite a funny person.

Is it just me or does your animation quality go up every time there is a dick on scene? :)

Great Job on the animation and keep up the good work!

Still power on my old Mac every once in a while. Twenty years old and still running flawlessly. Never crashes. I'd say they aren't all that different after all but... considering how long the PCs I've bought since then stood their tests of time I'ma have to go with the "you get what you pay for" quote. Might have changed since then, though. My favorite brand now - regardless of that impeccable track record of that old Apple -is Acer. Idolisation's the bane of progress, positive impressions of certain products carrying along their franchise even if they no longer deserve it... but currently: Acer's pretty good. Good rant, anyway! Definitely remember those days. Limited computer time. Limited space. Limited bandwidth. These days it's just: limited time.