Reviews for "TD-Mac n Me"

"I had that computer for 6 years"

Dude, for a Mac thats a world record that'll never be beaten

Raziberry responds:

I've had my MacBook for 7, still works great.

Aye :) Ye´r computer is part of Ye, no matter the brand. And greatly entertaining again is Ye´r movie.

This is the correct way to do storytime animations.
The art is great and there is no obnoxius music in the background, Great work


I traded a blown up mustang I paid 600 bucks and ran the shit out of for a while to someone obsessed with mustangs for my first pc which was an old hp. Best trade ever if you ask me. Hell I think the only reason I got the computer was to get rid of a junk car for something more useful. Once I had one though it changed everything. There I was like everyone else spending all my time doing shit on the computer. Nothing has changed since lol. I wonder if these are the stories everyone will be telling their grandchildren. Yep I remember when I got my first computer we didn't have none of them fancy darkmatter processors back then no sir we still used good ol silicon. LOL