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Reviews for "The Pacman Collab"

i agree with the below review, to be honest

I love Pac-Man, but at the first one, where Pac-Man is throwing up, I believe it's best that Pinky and I should call 911 to take Pac-Man to the hospital.

I LOVED this collab, especially the Miyamoto pitching the pacman reboot bit! That left me dying the first time I watched it!

Pac Man Jr was funny, the rest may have gotten a smirk from me here or there, these collabs are always random for the sake of being random, it's not a fucking joke, get some fucking original ideas.

Holy shit dude, this is fucking dope as hell. Really loved all the different skits in it. (Btw Sorry I had to back out kinda last minute) Really loved this dude. , gonna promote the shit out of this :D