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Reviews for "The Pacman Collab"


I'm CartoonCritic98's number 1 fan!!!

Bretty good jorb everybody. It's probably not very easy to put a collab together, especially one of this size (keeping everyone motivated and stuff like that) so props!!!!! I hope small collabs like this continue to come out, I like to think that everyone's piece is a step forward in making better content - you'll get more comfortable making stuff and it'll show in a positive way.
Also props for uploading to NG first cuz NG is better

Good work everyone!

I gotta say, this was really well organized RGP, however... I didn't really find most of shorts all that funny. I think the majority of the them were well animated, it just wasn't laugh out loud funny to me. I feel like the jokes in most of these shorts were mainly funny to the people who animated them, not really funny to anyone else, it's hit or miss for me, but nothing awful.

I am actually happy with the first newgrounds collab I have ever participated, and even as a sprite animator. Thanks guys!