Reviews for "Serial Numbers"

Appreciate the music, and it's a pretty fun tim.ewaster that makes you think. It's not too difficult or too easy. I'm not the greatest at forethought and we really don't see much ahead because we only know the next 2 numbers, but regardless, it's a fun game. I hope if you make the full version with some cool new mechancis to spice things up even more

BlackPotion responds:

Pleased to read that you liked the concept. Yeah we have a lot of new mechanics to add. The big one will be to remove the concept of life that we are not so fun of. And like you said we want to add a horizontal bar at the bottom we 5 or 6 numbers ahead.

So much fun to play! The reason I chose not to give 5 stars is that this game still has room for improvement:

1) At around late level 5 and early level 6 the only numbers I got were above 5 (I literally got 6 sixes in a row...), which ultimately ended up killing me very quickly... Maybe just make it fewer low numbers?

2) Only seeing 2 numbers ahead leaves little to no room for strategy, so some more would be amazing!!!

3) Only having 3 lives and no possible way to get more left a very short game once you reached the higher levels...

4) (This one's more personal preference than a comment on the game) Maybe add a way to change the current number with the next number in the row? I just think it'd be really cool to be able to switch your number with the next one on the row.

BlackPotion responds:

Did you try to use the sliding to choose which cell will have the number you add ? For the real game we want toremove the lives ^^.
normally you can around 120 000 points ;)
Thank you so much for your comment, it helps us a lot

This is a lot of fun. It's easy to pick up and understand and I keep coming back to it. I agree with those below that the difficulty curve is too much after level ten.

cool concept. cool game.

I like it!