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Reviews for "Serial Numbers"

Great game, easily 5 stars. Just my type of thing. Like others I keep dying at the higher levels when most numbers are over 5. Right now I'm getting scores around 40-50k, though I realize a bit more strategy would yield higher scores.

Downloaded the app also. Love that there are no ads, though I personally actually think you should add some, and add an option to pay to get them removed. You deserve to earn some money for this game.

BlackPotion responds:

Wow your comment make us so happy. We don't want to make any advertisement because it's just a proof of concept for the moment. We want to think about a better way to monetise the game without making the player jaded because of ads.
For your scores there is 4 difficulty for the moment :
1 - understand the sliding gameplay and pass at 20K
2 - understand the timer probleme and pass at 50k
3 - understand that chain reaction is life and pass around 80K
4 - succeed to play quick and efficiently to pass the 100K

Played it. Shared it.
It gets into you, always wanting to improve, going further.

Would recommend 5/5

Simple and nice!

So much fun to play! The reason I chose not to give 5 stars is that this game still has room for improvement:

1) At around late level 5 and early level 6 the only numbers I got were above 5 (I literally got 6 sixes in a row...), which ultimately ended up killing me very quickly... Maybe just make it fewer low numbers?

2) Only seeing 2 numbers ahead leaves little to no room for strategy, so some more would be amazing!!!

3) Only having 3 lives and no possible way to get more left a very short game once you reached the higher levels...

4) (This one's more personal preference than a comment on the game) Maybe add a way to change the current number with the next number in the row? I just think it'd be really cool to be able to switch your number with the next one on the row.

BlackPotion responds:

Did you try to use the sliding to choose which cell will have the number you add ? For the real game we want toremove the lives ^^.
normally you can around 120 000 points ;)
Thank you so much for your comment, it helps us a lot

It's not loading on mine!

BlackPotion responds:

mmm thats weird. I know it took a bit of time, but it's made with Unity in HTML5 so it must work. Did you allow flash ? Try maybe to wait a bit of time ?