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Reviews for "Serial Numbers"

love it

Very nice gameplay! I really like puzzle games like this.

Nice puzzle game. I can reliably get to about 25k. I would get a lot higher, but theres a bug where once in a while it will place down a random number instead of the number it was supposed to, and that will usually lose me a life.

BlackPotion responds:

Weird bug, we will try to see when it happens

I played a couple times, but can't get above 12k. This game is really good, I don't think I've enjoyed a flash game this much since Learn to Fly.

BlackPotion responds:

Try to slide the number to another one ;)
It's the sliding technic that is not show enough ine the tutorial :s

@13beckj, wait a few minutes, I left it blank screen, went for a toilet break, got a drink, checked and replied a couple of emails and finally it loaded, with close to 2000 errors on the developer toolbar :D