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Reviews for "Serial Numbers"


This is a lot of fun. It's easy to pick up and understand and I keep coming back to it. I agree with those below that the difficulty curve is too much after level ten.

I agree with commentors below that it gets impossible after lv10, all numbers are over 5 and it just gets ridiculous with streams of high numbers.
Great game but as it is, i kinda wish i hadn't found it, it's horrible when i find a game and it just gets impossible, wtf is the point?
version 2 of this game should maybe get to lv10 (tweaked with a few more lower numbers thrown in) then switch the map up, change the target to 12 etc etc and i'm sure there's other stuff you could do.
for example you could have a version where the target starts at 10 and each win or combo of wins results in the target moving up or every few wins, that way the numbers getting higher would be ok.

I like how the potential for combos is immense (got 46k due to a x18 combo). However, it's impossible to get past level 10 due to almost all given numbers being >5, so I would suggest a continuation of low numbers throughout higher levels.

Once you get to level 9, and more numbers come up HIGHER THAN 5, and there are literally NO POSSIBLE MOVES.......For almost 10 whole moves........
Did you fail math and not realize that if EVERY numbers is HIGHER than 5 that it's literally IMPOSSIBLE To ADD a number lower than 11?????????????

It was fun, It was an intellectual challenge, so you get stars, but you lose 2.5 stars minimum because it's basically broken or an unfinished game.

BlackPotion responds:

Yeah we had to make the game in sort of you can loose ^^ we prefer this way. The other possibilities was to put a timer that decrease and the game stop at 0 ^^