Reviews for "Perfil picture <3"

Very nice, also congrats on getting Frontpaged :D

Totally like this! You just got a new follower ^^


Wow this one was really "VIBRANT" love the attitude of the character here, you really have a nice color base too, ever think about adding some sparkle on the glasses, So something that caught my attention about this one was the unique style emitting from it, even a mysterious touch in there aswell. You have the Desire to have a Grand Polish on this one and that alone gives off a great feeling of Exhilaration So hope you enjoy this little Critique and this Extended portion of the review helps in awayway possble but it will Appropriately Conclude here. So untill next time I hope you can keep making entries such as this one.

ever think about adding some sparkle on the glasses


Wena wena la mona, looks very nice.

even t hough i feel as if the tongue looks weird i really love how this drawing looks in general <3
i guess that's just your style (?)