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Reviews for "Homer's Deathbed"

This Is What Happens If The Simpsons Got Too much Cringe And Rule 34 Pictures

You did a good job with the story and animation.

Animation quality is good. I liked the emotion at the beginning, but the script was a bit slow-paced. Comedic relief, like at :34, was certainly welcome, and the voice acting was generally good. Impressions of the characters were my favorite part. You've got the Marge groaning bit down. After around the 1-minute mark, the melodrama was a bit much. The sound riff that hints at the theme song at 1:40 was a nice touch, though. Overall, solid work!

I thought that the Simpsons was legit being cancelled at first.

Wow, Peter Griffin didn't even bother showing up. I know who is next on the chopping block!

Ant0on responds:

well now...hmmm ;)