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Reviews for "Lovestreams"

Wow man. That was great. It reminded my of the movie "The Congress"... Yeah I don't want to add anything more, it was great, thank y'all.

I'm pretty jaded... but that touched me. Thank you.

Damn.... That hits right in the feels. It is so accurate of so many relationships now though. We don't have to actually know each other to get the companionship out of the relationship. It's also rather depressing that it is easier to create relationships like this online than it is in real life for so many of us, and it feels real, it IS real...

This takes me back. At least, those old enough to remember, what it was like. The animation was rough but spot on with the transitions to corrupted image files and to other faces. I loved the design choice of no voice overs. It makes it personal for each "user".

Excellent plot and cinematics! I enjoyed the changes in the character and the idea of this hall where computer screen lovers meet and dance. What I really thought was amazing in this film was the ending. I glad you did not depict relationships in the internet as happy, goodness and sunshine, there is also the negatives of having a relationship with someone you barely know and hard to imagine their life, their family and who they behind the screen. Excellent film, man, keep up the work. :^)