Reviews for "Cosmic Melody Overdrive"

The concept of this cartoon's interesting and well executed. The animations pretty sick too. Adore your art style. This was a goodie

Maybe in they're lucky they can find another universe on the other side.

Amazing animation.
Voice acting: pretty good.
Entire plot / whimsical phrases boring. Seriously, this is Comedy? what was funny about it?

It honestly reminded me of Space Ghost Coast to Coast which I love.

The very first scene when he says "did I ask for your life story." was that humor? I couldn't even tell by the tone of his voice.

Definitely work on it.

Eathan responds:

im going to beat you up.

Nice story,Cool animation,Sick Beats,this animation is great you did an amazing job.

Very good stuff. As usual, your surreal style and story stand out.
I was very slightly bothered by the minor audio problem, and also at certain times the character interactions seemed a bit off, as if they were not paced correctly (a good example is when Jen and Kim meet).
But aside from that, it was pretty dope, especially the music. It was wholesome throughout and had a funny (but sad) ending.