Reviews for "Cosmic Melody Overdrive"

Hell yeah! Love the subtle jokes throughout the cartoon and the art style

And so they enter the void huh... wonder what they'll find in there! Was expecting a bit more music considering this was all about a band, but I did enjoy the story. Intergalactically wacky and fight-hearted fun! Nice.


that ending credit beat man, catchy.

ahh yes my new favorite band

anyway, i thought this was great! the colors and animation were visually appealing and i liked the writing. also the music is m m m m m m good s h i t .

You've got a knack for story telling and a cool art style, I enjoyed it all. I'd say that the animation itself and the jokes could use some work, which also ties into the acting. Ultimately the music themed adventure was fun and the characters were endearing.

Also, was that Cool Printer? I wish he coulda been tagged on the side!

Eathan responds:

ur right i shoulda