Reviews for "Tera (Extended) | Short (18+)"

He gave her asshole a nice gape. Good job

Yum yum yum


With those sharp teeth I thought there might've been a vampire twist somewhere in here. :) Smooth work though! Animation, voice and all.


good animation, ok voice acting (its hot don't get me wrong I just don't think thats the noise someone makes taking anal with no lube XD). Odd dick size as I feel if that was how thick the middle of his dick was, It would be pinched and maybe cut by her sharp teeth. Now I think you have amazing talent in art and the voice actor has a future perhaps(though maybe shouldn't just voice theses types of animations). But real reason its a 4/5 OW my dick after she looks to bite down as he lets loose in her throat and for the reason that yes its not at all bad and seems smoother then others, the design of her is lovely, however giving you a 5 out of 5 would just say "hey your perfect how you are just stay with what you did here" so for that reason I want you to improve and strive for a higher goal so a 4/5 it is.