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Reviews for "Sakura's Dino Jump"

I've never seen an endless game like this one and it really gives the player the choice of how fast they'll want to strategically move at times. Instead of the moving being done for you you're the one who progresses and it holds you accountable for jumping the gun and being aware of an environment that you can actually take in for once instead of being shoved to the next obstacle automatically. The audiovisuals stay true to it's theme and it's a joy to look at. I think it'd be awesome if the sun had a dedicated layer so it can stay there throughout instead of repeating itself. There's also this bug where Sakura is stuck in a damage taken pose that only goes back to normal once you take damage. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but for Sakura's jumps sometimes there seems to be a small delay that breaks the flow of gameplay. Other than that I really want to see where this goes.

What the F are the controls? [space]=forward, and ???

RolfRothgerber responds:

[return]=attack... thanks for the constructive criticism