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Reviews for "Sakura's Dino Jump"

I like it

It's colorful and frantic, everything I personally enjoy in a one-button mechanic game.
Control wise everything runs smoothly, no complaints there.

I like it, it a clever concept for an endless game.
The audiovisual layer is very well done, I especially like the character designs.
The only complaint I could have is that the chasing dinosaur has a maximal distance from the player.
What I mean is, because the distance between them can be only as long as the screen allows, there is no reward for going as fast as you can.
The maximal distance causes the dino to go faster than it should. When the player is at the maximal distance from the dino, the subsequent jumps move dino forward. While that's happening, the "alarm" for the dino to jump keeps on going, resulting in his faster movement. I feel like there is a pace the game should be played at. Maybe that was your intention, but in my opinion being able to play the game really fast would be more fun. That would cause a feeling of being in "the zone".

The delay between being able to jump should be tweaked a bit, it's a little too long. I wanted to play faster, but because of the delay between inputs, I simply couldn't.

Those are my only grievances and other than those I think you made a solid game.


Fun and cute. Although there is a pretty annoying glitch as sakura walks over one of the exploding blocks her sprite changes to the damaged sprite and stays like that until she takes damage. Even if she didn't take damage from the exploding block. Kind of a shame considering that probably 90% of the work in this game went into making the sprites

That's a good game,the character are good (and cute),and is not too much boring with the obstacles (maybe i check the bone spike theyre too slow sometimes).if i should give you a tip try some one heart-moving enemy just to spice up long run