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Reviews for "Abbie's Room"

Animation looks solid, sound is good. I would have liked a little more sex but this is very very good.
Only thing that kinda annoys me is the game is named Abbie's Room, with ie. But the small message that always pops up when you hover over a game before clicking on it says.
"Welcome to Abby's room :3" with y.
Still great.

So I already have an affinity towards bunnies, redheads and tough looking girls. Now I get to smack and play with this nice combination of all three. good stuff! For sure, not to long or to short but the background and character do show that this is not top shelf animation. YET.
There is room for improvement, however this does not mean this isn't already great. So im looking forward to seeing more from you. Though it doesn't have to be porn :3
Not that I and others mind.

p.s Nice booty (Can't stop spanking this goodness)

Chelodoy responds:

Thank you , im glad you like this bunny :3


Pretty neat.
It is quite well made. Doesn't really stick out much, per se.
It performs rather good. But, that's kinda all I can say.

It's just good. Nice music, non-intrusive sounds and music. It's an average porn game.
I do like that it has a bit of personality and charm to it. But yeah, I can't really think of anything specific to add aside from that.

I liked it, it was a bit short, but I thought overall the variety of animations was cool. reminded of the old days on this site. Great work, hope I can make something similar one day.

Chelodoy responds:

Thank you : )