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Reviews for "Pocket Full of Posies"

Quite cute and well done. Keep it up!

This was cute. I liked it a lot :D

NverseMpossiblpRadox is wrong. The idea that the ring around the rosie song has to do with the plague is a common myth, but it's been thoroughly debunked. From Wikipedia:

Folklore scholars regard the theory as baseless for several reasons:

The plague explanation did not appear until the mid-twentieth century.
The symptoms described do not fit especially well with the Great Plague.
The great variety of forms of the song makes it unlikely that the modern form is the most ancient one, and the words on which the interpretation are based are not found in many of the earliest records of the rhyme (see above).
European and 19th-century versions of the rhyme suggest that this "fall" was not a literal falling down, but a curtsy or other form of bending movement that was common in other dramatic singing games.

But what does one expect from a guy who thinks plague doctors are a Spy vs Spy reference? Guy needs to crack a goddamned book.

Man, this is the most depressing MAD magazine Spy vs Spy I've ever seen. Is there a historical precedent of masks shaped like that? I thought that was just the way their faces were drawn until the end, I was imagining these were the ancient ancestors of the feuding spies.

Ring around the rosie (a red ring-shaped mark around the red shaped blister in the middle),
A pocket full of posies (funeral flowers),
Ashes, ashes (burning bodies),
We all fall down (every single person in town succumbs to the plague).

Not a lot of people are aware that's the origin of that song. So make sure to explain it to a little kid if you see him singing that song, that he's singing about death and the black plague, the most deadly disease the human race has ever encountered (unless you count old age). And then tell him that those days are coming back, because all the bacteria are becoming immune to antibiotics, which is basically all modern medicine ever did to distinguish itself from the days when people were bled to remove the evil spirits to get them forgiven for their sin so that god might cure them (which of course doesn't work, it just makes it worse).

You had a strange little concept here guy!