Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies 10"

Nice Fireboy and Watergirl reference! I've only played one of these games before but this still brought back good memories. Great games, keep it up!

Woohoo! I love it!

Time does fly! Congrats and thanks for producing these fun quizzes for a decade, truly enjoyed them all.

Cant believe that my art history class helped me through this test lol
Nice to see that i knew more than i can count

The game itself is fine (no medal for 3 bonus questions?), but on a browser, it's way too small. In fact a lot of your games don't take advantage of the horizontal space; by far, the smallest displayed games on the site. Please revisit this and your other games, to make the necessary updates... to the iframe resolution numbers I think, send a PM to Tom or check the NG Wiki if you need a hand.