Reviews for "ANTIDOTE city HALL #1"

you got me at ' who is this wonderful thing i hold in my arms"
BAMMM. keep up the good work!

Vonka responds:

Thank you, I'll hold you in my arms, and I'll never let you go :)

I was not ready... the atmosphere, the music, the narration, the characters, the little attentions, this a been not a very funnyexperience yet impressive and interesting, waiting to see more of it!

Vonka responds:

Thank you, will more :)

Very good though it could be longer. Just thought I'd let you know that I pressed Enter at the end and the pop-up was blocked, you might want an alternative.

Vonka responds:

Thank you, this is important information for me.
Will have to come up with alternative options :)

Absolutely fantastic. The style was great, the animation was smooth, the story was fun and involving and I *LOVED* the way you could explore and interact with things in the way you do. No "you find some string in a bin" and having to use it two hours later. It all made sense and made the game thoroughly playable.
Can't wait for the next instalment!

Vonka responds:

Thank you, such comments motivate us to further work :)

great game , but what is wrong with the credits?
english translator : D.E.D.