Reviews for "ANTIDOTE city HALL #1"

Amazing story-telling little game. The sound is also amazingly well transcribed. You really feel the atmosphere and the mood of it. Very well done :)

Vonka responds:

Thank you, glad you appreciated :)

It's interesting so far, however I'm having trouble picking the choices, there doesn't seem to be anything highlighting them so I just have to go by memory or scroll up and down with the arrow keys to reorient myself before pressing enter.

Vonka responds:

Thank you, in the following episodes the dialogue system will be improved, the choice of answers will be more convenient.

Great animation, I like the noir setting in this one.
Please change the rating from teen to adult as this is clearly not a kids game.
I am the father of a daughter, can tell you that this was quite shocking.

- 4/5
Please change the rating to Adult.
Excessive violence in the narrative

Vonka responds:

Sorry, I already censored the game. In the last scene, the action of "violence" is not shown, it is possible to learn only from the dialogue behind a wall. The dialogue does not directly say what happened, there is only a hint.

Needs a better translation. I loved the mechanics and the story though. Can't wait for part 2.

Neat work! Nice moves. I like the cursor interface too.