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Reviews for "ANTIDOTE city HALL #1"

I don't know what to say.. It's that good!

Style, dialogue, and execution were stellar. Don't mind the translations, but truly, a masterpiece which I will anticipate in the near future. I hardly see games where you act as a Negotiating detective(we have LA Noire, but that's it), and this one set a standpoint for more games to follow. Truly.

Vonka responds:

Thanks, I'll try to make the farther the better :)

I did very much enjoy your game, though the English translation could use some work. It would appear whoever wrote it is not a native English speaker as there was a lot of weird phrasing in it.

Also, you might consider a dyslexia-friendly font for future versions. Although I have no such impairment, I had a bit of difficulty reading the text at times and I imagine others might run into the same issue and perhaps not be able to read it without a lot of effort.

Vonka responds:

Thanks, I'll fix the typeface. On account of the translation you're right, I can't promise that in the near future will be better, this is problematic.

I was not ready... the atmosphere, the music, the narration, the characters, the little attentions, this a been not a very funnyexperience yet impressive and interesting, waiting to see more of it!

Vonka responds:

Thank you, will more :)

Would like to report a bug.

in the english version, if you get the sleeping pills from the grocer and then go to bed, the text says the russian words for sleeping pills next to "sleeping pills".

other than that, great game, baby crying was really disturbing, holy crap

Vonka responds:

Thank you, I ran to fix the bug.
You have no idea how creepy it was to create this :)

Amazing story-telling little game. The sound is also amazingly well transcribed. You really feel the atmosphere and the mood of it. Very well done :)

Vonka responds:

Thank you, glad you appreciated :)