Reviews for "Celestial Crusaders - FREE DEMO"

Hey guys!
One quick note: The Z/X control method is extremely awkward for European keyboard users, because the Z is where the Y is on American keyboard layouts.
Hope this helps. Good luck with the Kickstarter! :)

Stay funky,

I played it and love it.
Its not often I run into horizontal fantasy shooters but I am glad I tried this.
After playing games like gundemonium recollection and Trouble Witches and even SuperCharged Robot Vulkaiser...I have a lot of respect for a game like this.

On normal I felt it was a good balance of insane bullet hell but not on a rage game level.

Keep up the good work.

DynoStorm responds:

Thank you! I love Gundeadligne. Quality game and definitely an inspiration.

It's a fun game. My only criticism of the game is there is a lack of feed back from enemies and the lack of a counter is kind of lame, but this is a demo for a game being made so I'm sure it'll be added in later and the counter is compensated for by the small hitbox. It's honestly a nitpick just to have something to add to the discussion this game is great.

A nice bullet hell game with great music to go along with it. I only really have 1 major drawback. I do wish that the Focused Shot was its own button compared to the Wide Shot. I felt like I was almost mashing 'z' which took away my concentration from dodging the bullets.

DynoStorm responds:

Thanks! I'm thinking of giving this game an update in a bit.

This does seem like a somewhat promising start to the game:

- The graphics are nice
- Decent music (which I imagine may be changed at some point to something else seeing as it is still in the beta stage)

- Voice acting (will not be too harsh here as this a demo and there is plenty of time for adding more / better voices sometime down the road)
- Controls
-- You should have the option to use either the D-Pad OR Left Control Stick, seems it would make more sense and make it easier for those that prefer Left Control Stick over the D-Pad
-- If you accidentally use a controller or keyboard, can be a bit difficult or impossible to switch back to using the style you were using
-- There seems to be a .5 second delay between a key input and when the bullets are sent from the character that you play with.

Other than that, does not seem bad. Hopefully the game is able to meet it's kickstarter goal and get somewhere. I feel $45k is a bit high for this game currently but who knows, it could happen, if not, I would just lower the end goal for now and swap $45k to being a bonus end goal honestly.